Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simple Hime Gyaru Bow

Hair accessories are my favorite kind of accessory to make. I rarely venture outside of this realm with the exception of decoden (which I love, but I only do so often.) I pretty much make new hair accessories every week, and here's what I made this week:

Stay tuned for the tutorial ^^~

Step 1. Gather the material that you would like to use while making your bow and cut it into a rectangular shape. (Mine pictured is about 4" x 10" for reference) It doesn't have to be perfectly even, I promise ^^

Fold and glue both sides towards the center (I just used a hot glue gun). You can trim the edges to make them match up here if you'd like, but it really is not necessary.

Gather a roll of pretty ribbon. 

Use the ribbon to close off the open edges of the material.

 Use your fingers to make several cinches in the center of the rectangle and use hot glue to hold in place. Be careful of burning yourself! There's probably a better way to do this, but I probably haven't thought about it hard enough >_>

I also used a different ribbon  in the center to make it a bit more interesting.

From here, anything else is optional. You can quit now and leave things pretty simple or....

Add lace, ribbon, or flowers like I did. I also continued on to make another more plain bow. You can leave your bow as-is and use it for clothing or decoration, or use a clip to turn it into a hair accessory (like I did).

Whatever you do with it, just enjoy ^_^.


  1. awee! thanks for the tutorial, I've always wanted to make something like this too~hime gyaru stuffs are indeed loliable! hehehe...I want it in black xD and ofc with lace~~~so cute~!!!

  2. awee.. its cute! :D
    i always loves bow, lace, pink <3
    thanks for make simple tutorial, i think i can follow it easily :D
    btw, already linked yours as Pearl :)

  3. omg this is sooooooo cute!!! I know how to make a ribbon but I have never tried to add lace or flowers to it .... I'll try it next time ^^

    1. ^^~ you can add lace and flowers to anything!


      Almost anything X)

  4. I love this glitter-fabric *_*

    1. Yes! It's my favorite too! :)

      I got it on sale, so I'm reluctant to buy more as it's no longer on sale ><


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