Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Popular Hime Gyaru Double Bow Hair Accessory


Hey guys! I've been tumblr-ing most of my days away lately, and of course much of that was done to find inspiration for new tutorials. One of the trends that I found to be particularly common was the "double/triple bow" attached by pearl string. I figured "Hey, I can do that," and thus this tutorial was born.

Some example pictures, yes?

Almost all of them have one :O

I gathered most of my inspiration from the very last picture because it seemed to be one of the more simple designs :) If you want to see a tutorial that uses flowers and bow instead to make a similar accessory, check out this one from The Glass Princess. Hers is more floral-y and bling-y =P

You'll need:
  • ...stuff. No, seriously. Whenever I take the picture for my "materials shot" I'm usually just throwing some things that I might use in a pile. I don't usually use them all. I'm not certain that anyone notices X)
  • Material for making a large bow
  • A large flower
  • Wide ribbon for making a smaller bow
  • A button for the centerpiece of the small bow
  • Bobby pins
  • Bead string (or in my case, an old bracelet)

Start by making your "large bow." Nothing fancy here~ we all know how to do this :) I don't have size recommendations...I just eyeballed it. Think about what size you feel will be practical to wear on your own head. If you don't have huge Himena Osaki hair, then you'll probably want a smaller bow than she has to avoid looking off balance X)

Add lace trim and a flower centerpiece.

After re-referencing the photo, I noticed the lace trim in the center ><, so I added that as well.

This is a bracelet that I don't wear. The random letter doesn't make much sense, and obviously has no place on our bow. I just put a smaller bow over it xD

I just slipped the end of the bracelet through a bobby pin, because I will probably want to wear the bow individually at some point (rather than attached to another bow).

Make a smaller bow with wide ribbon, and place a button in the middle as the centerpiece.

I'm using the same method of attachment for the smaller bobby pin.

Attach the bobby pins to the bows and you're set :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial ^^~


  1. Oh my gosh o-o Thank you for this! I was thinking about doing this because I need more tacky accessories to wear and this is what I was thinking of! Haha could I link this on my blog?

    1. Of course you can!
      It's always nice to contribute to the world's supply of "tacky accessories" ;P

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I definitely want to make one!

  3. Replies
    1. OMG OMG you should make this in a lilac color :D I always think that color looks pretty with light blonde hair ^^
      And thanks Elli (^◇^)

    2. That's a great idea :D
      I think I will actually do this, when I'm a little less stressed out with my uni stuff -.- ^^

    3. Ugh >< "uni stuff"
      I'm glad that I don't have to deal with that stuff yet xD (sorry)

  4. OMG soo cutee!!!! I have to try this asap!!! I think that u are my new favourite person in the world!!!!!! :')
    Shall link u when i make this waiting for my clip on bangs to arrive ;D

    Jenny xxx

    1. Really? Uwwaaaa you're awesome o(^▽^)o thanks so much!

  5. That is really amazing ♡
    I think I'm gonna make one soon :3
    Thank you ♡

  6. Wow, I would so pay for you to do that for me O___O I do not have the patience but that looks amazing! If you ever make your own online store or shop, please blog about it so that I will know lol you'd be making money! Love your blog btw, just started following ^ ^

    1. Patience /pāSHens/ - The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting upset.
      ^ I have NONE of this xD

      But thanks a lot! This is kind of a big deal to me ^^.... I've ...kind of been your fan for about three years x)

    2. Awww *hugs* you're a sweetheart! You're welcome!

  7. Great accessory! :D You are going to start wearing them when you eventually get some outfit posts up right?

    Oh a serious note, while reading through the tutorials, one thing that had stood out to me is the versatility. For instance, I had noticed a couple of times now that you tend to use a bobby pin instead of a barrette clip just so you can "change" up the hair piece whenever you feel like it, and I think that is what I like about your tutorials and deco creations. :)

    None-the-less, awesome job!

    1. Ehh >< maybe... To tell the truth, I don't know about outfit posts =X my clothes are pretty bland, and if you're looking for hime-spiration you definitely won't find it it my closet xD

      And thanks ^^ although...the versatility is ACTUALLY just a result of my frugality xD (Bobby pins are cheaper ;P)

  8. Amazing! *.* You're very handy!

  9. A bow.... attached to a bow.... via a small chain with a bow. Bowception! *o*
    Haha, to be honest, it always amazes me how easy your tutorials look! At first look I'm all "Wooooow it's so cool I guess it's super complicated!" but it's actually very nice and simple :D Maybe I'll try that ^^ I sewed myself a bow made of cloth and had some small chains added to it, I would have loved to have such a double bow but unfortunately I didn't find a suitable chain that was long enough. But maybe I#ll have better luck next time :3 I really think that accessory is very pretty!

    1. Lol! It shouldn't be amazing, it should be telling as to how little talent is actually necessary ;P

      Chains are available at most craft stores ^^ if you're interested in making pearl chain, I'm sure it's easily replicable by slipping a pearl bead through an eye pin and using pliers to shape the straight end into another "eye" after trimming the excess. Then just sort of repeat~

      I'm happy that you like it; I think it'll look pretty on almost everyone :)

  10. I love your DIY hime tutorials! You're so talented!!! :D

  11. I really love your blog and the styl of it!! Are you on bloglovin' so I can follow you? I don't really use other social medias :/

    Have a nice evening!!


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