Saturday, November 17, 2012

DIY Hime Gyaru Choker #496

Hey everyone! It's been soooo long T_T.

I've just been extremely busy with school work and the college application process.

To further disappoint, I have another choker tutorial for you guys.

I usually try to space out tutorials of the same kind, but I've been reeeeally into chokers lately.
So yeah, here's yet another choker tutorial.

We all know how to make a bow by now, right? Here I'm just showing how I used lace trim to line the inside edges of my fabric.

Fold both ends of the material towards the center. 

Ignore that ribbon on the side. K thx.

Use a piece of the same fabric to cinch the center of the bow.

Before using hot glue to seal the edges of my bow, I placed pearl string between the fabric.

Measure a piece of ribbon about the size of your neck or slightly longer. Line the ribbon with lace trim.

Adhere your bow to the center.

Retrieve a spool of smaller ribbon. 
Measure a piece of the ribbon about twice the length of your neck or slightly longer.

Adhere to the back of your necklace.

Well...that's pretty much it. When worn, only the larger ribbon is seen from the front. Once tied, the smaller ribbon can only be seen from the back.

I like the finished product, but I can tell that the tutorial itself was a little choppy. I'll work on it ><.
It's been so long that blogging now feels unnatural x)

I'm thinking about doing a nail tutorial next time.

Stay tuned


  1. Aww this is so cute!! I love the chains of beads you added!!! I must admit ive really missed your post!!!!!
    Good luck with your college applications!!

    Jenny xxx

  2. This bow is so cute, I totally love it! :X
    Maybe I will try doing one myself.

  3. aww so cute! i think it looks perfect!
    btw I just follow your blog. It's awesome and so girly ^^ hope you don't mind :)

  4. OMG you've such a cute blog! I just died as I saw it and you're pretty, too >_< Thanks for visiting my blog, honey <3

  5. I love it! ^^ So cute;3 I want to do one to myself but it's doesn't look good on me ;_;

    1. You could make it as a gift ^^
      I never actually wear the things that I make on my blog (with the exception of handbags). They're a little too OTT for my personal taste :p

  6. This is sooo lovely~~~ all pink and pretty! please post more tutorial, I'd love to see it <3

  7. Hi hi!! Is so so beauty an super cutie but maybe you now some online stores where i can buy the laces an the fabrics? ≧ w ≦)


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