Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pearl! If not DIY-ing, what have you been up to?

Well, I guess I can't say that I haven't been DIYing...I just haven't tried many new things.

This is just going to be a post of me showing off the things I've been making lately, since it's not like I make REAL blog posts anymore x).

Tutorial here!
I've been making quite a few lollipop necklaces lately.

It's because when the clay goes on sale, my lack of control takes over, and I end up with a million packs of clay that I just can't wait to use.

These make fantastic gifts, and I recently decided that I need to stock up on "emergency gifts," so I made lots :).

Bows! Lots and lots of bows.
I don't wear them, but they look so pretty that I can't help but make them x)

More clay things~
I gave them to my teachers last week ^^

Lastly, pins.
 Unlike most of the things that I make, I actually wear these ^^.

They're great for those times when I'm wearing a boring outfit and want to make it a little more special.


The main reason I haven't been posting anything substantive is that school devours any and all of my free time. As you can tell by the photos above (ughhh....nighttime indoor lighting >=/), the only real time I have to myself is late at night.

Problem is, I HATE the way my photos turn out when taken at night (the ones for this post are literally making me cringe, lol), and I just end up skipping weeks of posting.

Those are just some of my excuses.

Oh well, until next time my dears ^^~

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