Thursday, March 29, 2012

iPod Shuffle Hime Gyaru Decoden

I was going through my drawers of stuff that I rarely ever look through, and I happened to find my old iPod shuffle. I had no clue what to do with it, since I knew that it wasn't very useful to me now that I have an iPhone.


I decorated it.

Okayokayokay I know, not the best work. I wasn't very happy with it either =/ But there are so many other uses for this that won't necessitate having it look pretty...I'll get to that later.

Right now I'm just going to give a quick breakdown on how I usually deco my things.

Select whatever you wish to deco and wipe it off with alcohol. Seriously, you may think you can skip this step...but that comes with the risk of dust being trapped under your glue which will make your pieces adhere to the surface poorly (Actually, I rarely do this step myself. I remain unconvinced that there is a significant difference whether I use alcohol or not. However, my luck is not your luck. I'd feel bad if I told you to skip this step and your decorations fell off T_T).

Set out all significant pieces on or around your iPod. In this step, you at least want to have out your border and larger pieces.

Spread some of your glue (I always recommend using E6000 for everything!) over a small surface. Begin placing your border pieces around the edges of your iPod. I always glue the outside border first so that I can be sure that the pieces that I put inside will not interfere with how the border turns out. After all, the border is the only part of this that needs to be pretty neat. Anything else I can always move around to suit the configuration.

After finishing the border, you can fill in the spaces with your other pieces and just finish up. Hopefully yours will have turned out better than mine. As you can see,my pink bow no longer fit after I had finished my border T_T

Luckily, there's other uses for things like this such as....

Purse accessory....

Shoe accessory...

And so much more~

Just joking >_>

Happy deco-ing!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simple Hime Gyaru Bow

Hair accessories are my favorite kind of accessory to make. I rarely venture outside of this realm with the exception of decoden (which I love, but I only do so often.) I pretty much make new hair accessories every week, and here's what I made this week:

Stay tuned for the tutorial ^^~

Step 1. Gather the material that you would like to use while making your bow and cut it into a rectangular shape. (Mine pictured is about 4" x 10" for reference) It doesn't have to be perfectly even, I promise ^^

Fold and glue both sides towards the center (I just used a hot glue gun). You can trim the edges to make them match up here if you'd like, but it really is not necessary.

Gather a roll of pretty ribbon. 

Use the ribbon to close off the open edges of the material.

 Use your fingers to make several cinches in the center of the rectangle and use hot glue to hold in place. Be careful of burning yourself! There's probably a better way to do this, but I probably haven't thought about it hard enough >_>

I also used a different ribbon  in the center to make it a bit more interesting.

From here, anything else is optional. You can quit now and leave things pretty simple or....

Add lace, ribbon, or flowers like I did. I also continued on to make another more plain bow. You can leave your bow as-is and use it for clothing or decoration, or use a clip to turn it into a hair accessory (like I did).

Whatever you do with it, just enjoy ^_^.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hime Gyaru Camera Decoden ❤

I actually completed this project a while ago, but I happened to have some photo documentation so I decided to make a post~
There are tons of tutorial posts like this one, so why bother writing one myself? Because its my turn to show off ┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

I have a pretty hefty stash of decoden supplies to begin with, but I'll include some places where one may be able to establish their own stash ^^ I'll only suggest links that I've actually used.

The most popular option is probably .

There are many many things available here, and one of the shops greatest virtues is that shipping is reasonably fast and inexpensive. The supplies are very good value, and it is very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Their stock includes nail sets, nail art supplies, and decoden supplies.

Another option that I enjoy is .

However...if you're in a hurry to get your supplies, this is NOT the place to go. Although shipping is free, it's pretty slow. This shop sells many types of beauty supplies, rather than specializing in items for nail art. Most items are sold in sets inexpensively.

I like to keep my most popular supplies in a little plastic box to keep things organized, like this:
Items from usually come packaged in plastic wheels, and I leave them as such.

As for the glue that I use, I find E6000 to be the most cooperative.

And now for my camera transformation~

The last few pictures are less-than-desirable in quality because my camera was not in a position to take photos of itself at the time, and so I made due with my phone >_>
Anyway, I hope that someone can find this post at least a bit interesting or helpful ^^

Thursday, March 15, 2012 Review (Shoes)

There are many many reviews on this online store, and very few of them are positive. I've made 10+ orders from, and my experiences have been pretty mixed as well. However, I've had extremely great success with their shoes in particular, and I've recently made an order of shoes exclusively that I thought I'd share with a review ^^

I'll start with my favorite pair here:
 ($12.16 at time of purchase)
These look exactly like the photo, and I am extremely pleased with them. They're just so cute!

($9.19 at time of purchase)
These are almost exactly like the stock photo (with an exception of the ribbon around the top). I like these well enough, they are casual and simple. Unfortunately, they are a little bit uncomfortable T_T.

($15.95 at time of purchase)

Now that I'm looking, I wish that I'd tied the bow a little better for the picture -__-'

In the stock photo, these boots are more of a pink color than the lavender color that they are in real life. I was a little disappointed at first, within a few minutes I realized that there was no reason for disappointment. They are VERY cute shoes. These are comfortable and very warm.

($10.00 at time of purchase)
Okay, I was pretty disappointed with these. They look SO cheap and are SO uncomfortable. I wish I could return them T_T I'll probably end up wearing them eventually, and who knows? I may change my mind and start to accept them.

($16.22 at time of purchase)
Oooo these are pretty popular among my friends. In fact, one of my friends and I wear the same size shoe and she has already asked to borrow them ^^ These have a pretty high wedge heel, but they also have a platform (which makes them a bit easier to walk in). They're very comfortable, and very very fashionable. I've gotten many many compliments on them.

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Soooo many styles
  • Relatively fast shipping from China (under 7 days)
  • Unique styles *^^*
  • Heavy chemical smell upon arrival (I had to leave them outside overnight)
  • Not always like the picture
  • Sometimes uncomfortable
  • EXPENSIVE shipping
In short, I typically enjoy shopping here. There are a lot of products available that I wouldn't have access to where I live. (Plus, no one ever has the same things =P)Take this review as you will, and please take other reviews into consideration as well!

I am in no way affiliated with These products were not provided for this review, nor am I being paid for it. These are my honest opinions.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NOTD: Understated Hime Gyaru Nail Art

I love nail art, and I must admit that I'm a secret fan of gyaru nails. However, I'm not really an OTT type person, so it makes sense for me to tone down anything that I gather inspiration from =P

Colors used:
  • Sinful Colors- Easy Going
  • Pure Ice- Nasty Girl

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY Princess Handbag Decorating

Hey there! So I've been seriously debating about what I'd like to be my first post, and I've concluded that I'd like to put up something that may be at least a little bit helpful for someone. Personally, I love accessory shopping. Unfortunately, I'm pretty picky about the things I like, and the things I find myself attracted to are usually too expensive for me to justify purchasing. So a while back I decided to try out grabbing some plain purses from the thrift store and creating them into whatever style suited what I was looking for at the time. I find that it's actually a GREAT substitute for splurging on whatever Samantha Thavasa purse I'm oggling at the moment (But don't misunderstand, I DO intend on getting one someday!).

I've made a few step-by-step representations of some of the ones that I've made:
I get compliments on them all the time, and it's pretty rewarding to know that each of them ends up costing me about $5.00 or less.
  • Original Purses: $3 (thrift store)
  • Ribbons and bows bought in bulk (craft/wholesale stores)
  • Acrylic paints: About $0.50 (craft stores)
  • E6000 Glue: About $3 (craft stores)
When picking out purses from the thrift store, just try to keep in mind that it's best to look out for extremely plain bags. You can always use acrylic paint to add some color, and other things can help spice it up however you like!
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