Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Hime Inspired Eyeglass Case❤

Hey guys!

I've had this post in the making for several weeks now. I'm so sorry for putting it off X_x
I've been having so much fun in school!

Before I left for school, I wanted to ensure that I carried my eyeglasses with style, so I decorated it ^^. If you'd like to see how, please stay tuned for the tutorial.

Start with a plain eyeglass case. 

Gather any/all paints, decorations, and embellishments necessary to achieve your desired look. I ultimately used spray paint, glitter, lace, glitter ribbon, a large fabric flower, and heart shaped rhinestone stickers.

Using craft spray paint, apply a thin coat of paint to your eyeglass case. Apply as many coats as necessary.

While wet with final coat of paint, sprinkle eyeglass case with craft glitter.

Once dry, retrieve lace trim of you choosing.

Using hot glue and/or E6000, secure trim around case edges

Add accent ribbon.

Decorate with small gems and floral centerpiece.

Secure a small bow atop case closure.

Voila! Now you have an eyeglass case that requires another case to avoid damage of our decorations x)

Or if you're like me, you can just chuck in a drawer and forget about it because you find glasses to be a hassle >< (so much for carrying glasses in style -.-)

Ta ta for now my lovelies ^^~
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