Saturday, August 4, 2012

DIY Fairy Kei Winged Sneakers ❤

Hi guys! First things first...
 I feel like this blog is really impersonal =/
Soooo I'd like some suggestions on the kinds of posts you guys would like to see from me ^^. I have plenty of tutorial ideas, but you can suggest those as well. Do you guys want to see me play with makeup? Clothing? Food? I just feel like I'm stuck in a rut ><. I'm not sure that I want this to be a blog of tutorials exclusively. It's not interesting to everyone xD

I'm pretty excited about this tutorial, because I've been getting lots off compliments on these shoes :)

I nabbed this idea from this original tumblr post. 
I've seen a lot of fairy kei girls wearing winged sneakers in their OOTDs on Tumblr, and they always look awesome. So I made some ^^
You will need:
  • sneakers
  • a piece of foam
  • a hole punch
  • scissors

This tutorial is so easy x)
It'll probably end up being like 3 sentences max xD

Draw a rough draft of your wing shape. You probably don't want this to be too much longer than the side of your shoe~

Cut it out ^^

Take out your shoe laces, and place your shoe wing against the side.

Use a pen to mark the piece of foam through each of the shoe lace holes. This is to ensure that you know were to use the hole punch~

Use your hole punch in the areas that you designated with marks.

Lace them up, and you're done ^^.
I reeeallly want to make a pair of super awesomely awesome high top fairy kei sneakers like this:

I could totally DIY these~
But the shoes that I would need to start with are so expensive T_T
Maybe someday =3

Did you guys notice my new snowflake cursor trail? I love it! When I first set it, I spent like an hour just dragging my cursor around x)


  1. You are brilliant! *bows down* Thank you x100! I've been eyeing the Jeremy Scott x Adidas winged sneakers for like...a year! And I know I'd never pay that much for them so seeing this makes me so happy because I have a pair of sneakers I could totally do this with! :D Oh and I'd love to see you do something with make up and clothes especially after seeing this :)

    1. Glad I could help! xD If this suggestion matters at all, I think this design looks better with high top shoes :) I find that the wings look better vertically ^^

    2. Ahh, it does, thank you for the tip!

  2. that is sooo cool *_*
    i definitely want to try this! <3

  3. Great sneakers! Look just like the original! Though I do wonder, is it safe to wear in the rain? My guess is probably not or I guess if I had shoes like these, I would just take off the wings temporarily. Or maybe I'm just over thinking it...

    Anyway, as for blog suggestions, it may sound cheesy, but just be yourself. I can understand your point of not just having straight up tutorials all the time, so maybe incorporate an OOTD once in a while or even maybe make a couple of haul posts just to spice things up. You could even start a "conversation" going by just making a blog on a particular topic like that Kawaii interview that they had done on La Pafait not too long ago!

    Hope that helps!

    1. Lol X) use foam! Not paper or cardboard >< Foam is waterproof xD You can buy sheets of foam from any craft store~
      It doesn't even have to be tacky and sparkly foam like mine :P

      Thanks for all of your ideas! I'll definitely try out some of them ^^ thanks Wanda~

  4. Those fairy kei sneakers are so cute! Note to self: make some!
    I love your cursor trail <3

  5. very nice! I will try to make those! <3

    1. Awesome! They're easy-peasy :). You can make them in different colors and they're removable ^^

  6. I just made a pair. I did happen to use thin cardboard and textures fabric. Add hotglue and punch some holes. VIOLA! Thanks for this diy. <3

  7. If you live in the US, maybe you have a Plato's closet nearby? They sell gently used clothes and shoes and I was able to find some lilac/lavender Nike high-tops in my size and I got them for $3 since they were on clearance! Maybe you'd have the same luck :3


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