Saturday, July 7, 2012

My New Bow "Collection," My Room, +Some Other Things

Hey everyone! ^^

I recently cleaned my room and thought "Hey, I should take some pictures." However, after reviewing the pictures below, I've come to the conclusion that I should have done a bit better despite the pride that I felt after the conclusion of my "cleaning session."
Even so , I thought I'd share these pictures. Please excuse the mess.

You can see my puppy as well as some dog toys haphazardly thrown about the floor :p.
In this picture, you can see a glass case on my nightstand in front of my window. This, my friends, is my new bow case (pictured below).
I was given the opportunity to design my room (pretty much) from scratch, so ofc I leapt into action xD. I picked out most of my furniture from the antique store, and my chandelier was purchased from a hardware store. I'd always kind of liked the look of bamboo flooring, so I had it installed in my room ^^

 The other day, I spent an entire evening making bows, because I felt that my "collection" needed some variety ><. I've decided on displaying them in this glass case, and I rather like how it turned out :). I arranged most of my accessories based on their color. I made all of the bows pictured, but purchased most of the small clips ^^.

As I was making them, I realized that offering a bunch of bows and such for a giveaway could be pretty fun :). I think I'll start "stocking up" and making a bunch of things for a giveaway that I can have next year. Why next year? I just think that it will be more acceptable for me to be 18.

Candy jewelry pieces made by me :)
This is a picture of my next tutorial~ Have you guys seen candy themed jewelry pieces around? I think they're super cute, so I made some xD

Please make some requests! Tweet or email me a picture of something you've seen, and I'll see what I can do about replicating it ^^ (see the contact page).


  1. i look forward to the candy tutorial!

    1. Awesome! I'm posting next week ^^

  2. What a cute room! I wasn't given the opportunity to renovate my room from scratch, so I envy how cute your furniture looks. I love your bow glass display case. I bet in addition to keeping the bows organized, it also makes a gorgeous room decor! I really love the candy jewelry and I also cannot wait for the tutorial!

    1. Thanks a lot, it took me a looong time to pull my room together. It'll be awful to pull myself away and retreat to a boring dorm room in a year T_T

      You're right, it's more of a decoration xD I rarely wear bows, as I'm more of a headband type of girl :p and I never open the case

  3. Your room looks super nice! Love it.
    I also love the bows, you're so talented, I wish I was as talented as you :)
    Wishing you all the best :)

    Oh and thanks for your comments, I'm always happy to read them :D

    1. Thanks a lot as always Elli :D

      Lol at "talent." Some people have the talent of manipulating the genome of plants like rice to help reduce world hunger, some people are talented at studying psychology and revealing mysteries of the human mind, but me? I make bows xD

  4. Omg your room is so pretty! Too bad I'm not allowed to paint my walls pink because I live in a rented apartment :S
    And I love your bows - I wish I was as good at arts and crafts to make something like that XD I'm sure people would be willing to pay for your bows and other accessories >.< You could totally open an online shop hehe.
    About giveaways - I wanted to have one as well, but it's hard if you're not 18 and you don't have any ways to ship things overseas D:
    Looking forward to your candy jewellery tutorial! I thought they were real when I first scrolled down :3

    1. Is wallpaper okay? It's removable :) there are lots of pretty wallpaper patterns ^^
      Nononono they're so easy to make ._. very little creativity is necessary xD I would almost feel bad selling them.
      And you're exacty right~ everything is easier when you're 18 =X
      When I was making them, I was actually thinking how I'd like if I were able to find lollipops that really look like that >< I think most candies are really cute :D

  5. pinky room! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    vintage as well.
    love it ♥.♥

    1. Monica! I haven't seen you post anything in a while...I thought you disappeared xD
      Thanks a lot, I think we enjoy similar styles ^^

      I hope everything is well :)

  6. oh my gosh, your room is gorgeous!
    I am re-decorating my room in September hopefully!
    Any cute decorating kawaii-gyaru tips to achieve an amazing room like yours?
    I also admire your crafts, you have a pure talent!
    Please never stop blogging or crafting, your blog is fascinating and so helpful!
    You also seem like such an amazing person!

    1. Tips?
      Hmm...if you plan on painting your room, pick a verrryyy pale tint of whichever color you've chosen. It'll end up looking darker than anticipated~
      Antique stores are great places to find furniture (but kind of expensive =X). You can also try thrift stores ><

      Try not to "settle" for furniture and decorations. Your room will end up more akin to what you imagined if you're picky.

      Try to find sheets that match your "theme." This is more important than you'd think =\.

      If you have the option, switch out your lighting fixture or ceiling fan with a chandelier :)

      These tips aren't very helpful, but I try not to make s habit out of being helpful. xD joking.

      Thanks a lot! I Try to post interesting things, but it's a stretch to call myself an "amazing person." I'm a fan of the word mediocre because I feel as though it suits me well xP

      Welcome to my blog ^^

  7. Ahh this inspires me to make more things >o<; once again Pearl you've gotten me into the crafting mood! Your room looks really cute and organized, unlike mine LOL I do really love your vintage drawers though, it reminds me of my dream Rococo house I plan on having someday :3


    1. I get into that mood as well xD I think it's just satisfying to see your collection grow and to think "Yup...I made all of that :D"

      I love my furniture. I may have a meltdown if my parents decide that I don't get to take it with me ><

      A whole rococo house? @_@ I'd be happy with just one room :p I guess you're going for a "Doll in a dollhouse" lifestyle? It suits you ^^

  8. Ohhh can't wait to see how you did that piece for your next tutorial and wow, whoever wins that bow giveaway will be one lucky mofo I will forever be envious of. You have a lovely room though. It's very elegant and girly :)

    1. I've already written it up ^^ I'll be posting it after I've decided what I'll be covering in my NEXT next tutorial :p

      And thanks a lot~ I worked hard on my room ^^~

  9. omg, you're room *_____* It's so absolutely pretty and lovely and cute! I love this antique kind of furniture, it's so elegant!
    Every time you show the bows and stuff you make I'm so impressed! I wish I was creative and talented like you, but if I ever made such things by myself I would have to stick strictly to tutorials .__.
    A giveaway would be really cool! But I have to say, I really think you could easily sell the stuff you craft! It's really good and I think you'd find a lot of buyers :)
    If there's a giveaway, however, I hope it will be open internationally so I can participate, haha ^^ *keeps fingers crossed*

    1. Aww thanks ^^ It's my favorite style as well!

      Have you tried making bows before? :O I don't deserve any praise for it xD they're easy, you should try ^^ I think you'll find it to be a simpler process than you're imagining ;p

      Of course my giveaway would be international :) I think the majority of my followers are from outside of the USA >< it wouldn't be fair for me to exclude so many :p

  10. I loooove your room!!! Omg, too many rainbows coming out right now! I would like to live in your closet please, hah! :D



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