Friday, June 1, 2012

DIY Hime Flower Crown/Heaband

Today's post is awesome because it was a request :)
Monica made a suggestion for a flower crown, and I thought it would be something that I would be able to do. Stay tuned ^^~
You will need:
  • Garden wire
  • A material that wont clash with your flower colors
  • Flowers with individual "stems"
  • 1/4" ribbon in a color that matches your theme
  • Hot glue

When I said that you will need flowers with individual stems, this is what I meant. Each flower is separate.

Use wire cutters to cut a piece of the garden wire to your desired length. Just a tip: Smaller crowns often look a bit cuter :)
Then, cut a strip of fabric (1"-2" wide). You can use one looong strip or several strips of medium lengths. It doesn't really matter...I promise ^^

Bend your wire into a relatively circular shape.

Wrap your material around the wire, and use a bit of hot glue every few wraps.

Wrap the stem of a single flower around the band of the crown.
Repeat this step while starting a pattern that will be maintained throughout the headband.

Lastly, tightly wrap your ribbon around the "stems" of the flowers, using hot glue to secure.

Now you're done ^^ Enjoy your crown~


  1. OMG pearl, you're totally awesome!
    the headband is uber cute!
    I'll try to make mine next time ♥

    1. Thanks, I'd like to see if you make one ^^

  2. So nice! I'm going to do this as soon as i'll find fake flowers like this :D

    Eww, that's horrible that old men hit on you^^ Especially since old people are supposed to be authority figures :-/
    I always ask myself how old men come up with the courage to hit on younger girls. I mean are they ever successful? That's disgusting :( ^^

    1. Awesome! I'll look if you make one ^^

      And I think the "authority figure" position is the entire reason that they'll hit on younger girls, if you think about it it makes sense =P

  3. Very pretty! Love the pearl sprays and the roses. :D You should wear it in an outfit shot!

    1. Thanks a lot ^^

      Umm my outfits aren't usually very interesting, but maybe in the future =P

  4. oh my god this is so pretty! i wantttt itttt! <3

    1. Thanks ^^ you can try making one~


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