Thursday, March 15, 2012 Review (Shoes)

There are many many reviews on this online store, and very few of them are positive. I've made 10+ orders from, and my experiences have been pretty mixed as well. However, I've had extremely great success with their shoes in particular, and I've recently made an order of shoes exclusively that I thought I'd share with a review ^^

I'll start with my favorite pair here:
 ($12.16 at time of purchase)
These look exactly like the photo, and I am extremely pleased with them. They're just so cute!

($9.19 at time of purchase)
These are almost exactly like the stock photo (with an exception of the ribbon around the top). I like these well enough, they are casual and simple. Unfortunately, they are a little bit uncomfortable T_T.

($15.95 at time of purchase)

Now that I'm looking, I wish that I'd tied the bow a little better for the picture -__-'

In the stock photo, these boots are more of a pink color than the lavender color that they are in real life. I was a little disappointed at first, within a few minutes I realized that there was no reason for disappointment. They are VERY cute shoes. These are comfortable and very warm.

($10.00 at time of purchase)
Okay, I was pretty disappointed with these. They look SO cheap and are SO uncomfortable. I wish I could return them T_T I'll probably end up wearing them eventually, and who knows? I may change my mind and start to accept them.

($16.22 at time of purchase)
Oooo these are pretty popular among my friends. In fact, one of my friends and I wear the same size shoe and she has already asked to borrow them ^^ These have a pretty high wedge heel, but they also have a platform (which makes them a bit easier to walk in). They're very comfortable, and very very fashionable. I've gotten many many compliments on them.

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Soooo many styles
  • Relatively fast shipping from China (under 7 days)
  • Unique styles *^^*
  • Heavy chemical smell upon arrival (I had to leave them outside overnight)
  • Not always like the picture
  • Sometimes uncomfortable
  • EXPENSIVE shipping
In short, I typically enjoy shopping here. There are a lot of products available that I wouldn't have access to where I live. (Plus, no one ever has the same things =P)Take this review as you will, and please take other reviews into consideration as well!

I am in no way affiliated with These products were not provided for this review, nor am I being paid for it. These are my honest opinions.


  1. oh my. what a lovely boots u've got there! I personally love the second pics. it's uber cute <33

  2. WOw.. I have heard about this side.. It really excites me because I want so much from there.. but I got mixed reviews on it. I am glad you took the chance out on your own to buy from them && share your own experience. && you said Heavy chemical smell? hmm, thats a first.

    1. By heavy chemical smell I meant that it smells like they came from a mothball factory X)

      But I don't actually think this site is so fantastic that I would recommend it~

      Really, it's such a mixed bag =\ some of the products are awful but some are great.

  3. I would not recommend anyone to purchase from them. They are a total rip of I made an order last month and I still haven't received it

    1. Gosh =X I've never had that happen, but I've had packages take longer than others. Maybe that's what's going on? Perhaps you can contact support =/

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  5. Beautiful shoes! I love them all.

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