Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Deco Glasses (Including tips on removing lenses~)

Hey everyone~
Today's tutorial is kind of...different for this blog x) 

I got a request from a lovely rokku gal named Toka to do a tutorial for deco glasses ^^
I don't know anything about rokku gal, so I just went with the intuitive course of action... meaning that I just did traditional rhinestone decoden on a pair of sunglasses.

 Anyway...if you're interested in seeing how I went about this attempt, please stay tuned~

You will need:
  • E-6000 glue (or something else that can be used to permanently adhere plastic to plastic. Before I got serious about my crafting hobby, I just used cheap clear nail polish. That works fantastically ^^)
  • Rhinestones (I used three different sizes, but one size will work just fine)
  • Toothpicks (or some other dropping tool)
  • Sunglasses (mine were like $2 :P)
  • A bowl of water

Heat your bowl of water in the microwave for about 2 minutes. It should be hot to the point where you aren't comfortable sticking your fingers in x)
This will loosen the frames of the glasses just enough to be able to push the lenses through~

Push the lenses through the frames of the glasses. Don't worry! It's not like your frames have melted and will be misshapen from the pressure. It was still a little difficult for me to get them through, but it was much easier than it would have been if I'd skipped the water step.

Clear off a space and spread out your materials.

Use a toothpick to spread E-6000 over a small surface at a time. If you're using different sizes of rhinestones, use the larger ones first. Pick up the rhinestones with some leftover E-6000 and place them on the surface of the glasses.

Repeat this step with mid-sized rhinestones,

Lastly, fill in any gaps with your smallest rhinestones.

And you're done ^^
I would never wear these myself, but I personally think they would look awesome on lots of other people.
If you have a request, just comment or email me :) (remember? I'll try my best to make your dreams a reality, or at least something similar xD

Sorry for the lack of posting for a while ><
I don't have any


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