Friday, November 8, 2013

Geo Grang Grang Choco HC-246 Review ❤ My First Circle Lenses

These lenses were kindly sent to me by the lovelies at ❤

Hey everyone! 
I've been interested in circle lenses for quite some time now, so I was absolutely thrilled when I was given the opportunity to try out a pair of my choosing.

Before we jump into the review, here's a little bit of information that is likely of interest to some of you:

1. Geo Colored Lenses offers FREE standard international shipping.

2.This site supplies genuine GEO circle lenses. GEO is the only USA FDA approved circle lens brand. 

3. Most circle lens models are available with corrective power.

Lenses were shipped in a small brown envelope.
Inside the envelope was a business card, a free lens case, and my lenses (seen wrapped in protective packing foam)

Without lenses (Mascara applied on top lashes)

With lenses (Mascara applied on top lashes)
My Thoughts:

Design: The design is absolute perfection. The pattern blends seamlessly with my dark brown eyes. The lenses appear completely natural while giving off a beautifully glassy sheen. It looks like I have naturally sparkling eyes!


Comfort: I'd never worn contacts before wearing these lenses, so these definitely took me a little while to get used to wearing. The first few minutes were a little bit uncomfortable, but after about 15 minutes, I could hardly feel them in my eye. I ended up wearing them for about 8 hours when I received them, and they were absolutely fine for the duration of wear. They weren't the least bit irritating and the use of eye drops didn't even cross my  mind.


Enlargement: Put simply, these lenses provide "natural enlargement." They're absolutely perfect to wear with or even without makeup. My roommate who helped me with the whole insertion process commented, "You look like a baby!" However, no one else raised any eyebrows unless I mentioned that I was wearing them. I was looking for lenses that I'd be able to wear on the daily without looking like an alien, and these were just that.

I spent about an hour doing this in the mirror after trying them on xD

Oh, tutorials are on the way ^^~
I'm really excited about these. Hopefully I'll be able to make up for all of the tutorials that I haven't been making ;)


  1. That gif of you made me laugh, LOL. Nice review =)

  2. Hey! I think the lenses suit you very well and they look super cute! :D I love it how they look natural and you can wear them without a lot of make up, when I wear circle lenses without tons of make up I look like an alien, haha (well... and with make up I look like an alien with make-up but hey :D)

    There's just one thing I wanted to tell you!
    From what you wrote here it sounds that you're rather inexperienced with contact lenses. I don't wanna lecture you or anything, I'm just a bit concerned about the health of your eyes.
    First of all, it's not recommended to wear circle lenses that long at a time especially not if it's the first time you every wear them! Usually, when you get contacts from an ophthalmologist he will instruct you on wear & care. The first time you put them in you shouldn't wear them for more than maybe half an hour. The next day, you can try them for an hour, and the next for more and so on. This is so that your eyes can adjust to wearing the lenses. So the next few times you wear them you should try not to wear them too long.
    Other than that, you should go to an opthalmologist (if you haven't been there already) so he can check your overall eye health. Some people's eyes are not so well suited for wearing contacts. In the worst case you can have abrasions of your cornea. While it's unlikely that your such a case, I really think it's better to make sure that you can wear the lenses normally. Also, if you go there, specifically ask the doctor about circle lenses, if he doesn't know what they are, explain it to him that these are lenses with a sometimes slightly larger diameter, and ask him if he thinks you can wear them.
    There are so many horror stories to be found allover the internet about people having really bad experience with circle lenses and I believe that most people just didn't take care of their eyes and/or the lenses properly.

    If you already knew about all that, sorry for repeating!
    But if you didn't, I hope some of the advice is helpful to you and I hope you have a great experience wearing lenses in the long run!

    1. Thanks so much for your concern Varis! I was aware of the danger associated with wearing circle lenses for such a lengthy time period, but not of the gradual increase in wear time.

      However, I don't intend to wear them often. In fact, I haven't worn them since I've made this review :x

      Even so, it's really sweet of you to take the time to make sure ❤

  3. They really suit you! :) And gif is so cute and funny ♥

  4. lol I can't get over that gif XD You're such a cutie ^ ^ I remember my first pair of CLs when I was about 17 I think or 16. Such a difference but I'm glad these worked out for you :D

    1. That's such a long time ago!
      I remember watching your old lens videos on your original channel years ago :)

  5. Hey beauty! I really really loove your blog is so cute *-*!!

    Im follow you now!
    Hugs from Chile :3

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